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Saturated Fat & Keto


As those of you who know me, know that my husband and I have been doing a Keto Lifestyle for over three years now. We started this Keto Lifestyle after my husband, Phil lost his peripheral vision in both his eyes after suffering a light stroke.

We visited doctor after doctor. He saw an optical nerve specialist at Duke Hospital. This specialist told him he had a blockage in his optical never, which could not be removed. Possibly this blockage was caused by inflammation in the optic nerve.

After much research, we realized, if he could reduce the inflammation in his body, he might be able to release the blockage and get back some vison back or at least keep his vision from worsening.

That is when we started a keto diet. Which is a diet of no sugar, low carb and high saturated fats. His vision is currently stable. No worse. He has lost 38 pounds and I have lost 52 pounds. Currently, neither of us take any prescription medicine and we have more energy and feel better than we have in many years!

People are always asking us why we are not worried about eating too much fat in our diet. The truth is, we cook with Lard, not Crisco, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and yes, bacon grease. We eat sugar free. We are pretty much stable with our weight now. We do not eat more that 20-25 carbs per day.

Intermittent fasting is the most helpful thing we do. It revs up our metabolism! Because of the low amount of carbs and no sugar in our bodies, we do not get hungry and we do not have sugar cravings. We eat Dinner in the evening and then no snacking until after 12 noon the next day. We eat in the window of Lunch to Dinner with an 18 hour fast, each day.

Please, watch Dr. Nicholas Norwitz explain in this video below and see for yourself. Saturated Fats have been proven to be more healthy than you have been taught.

Are you are interested in the Keto lifestyle? Let me know. I have tons of recipes, information videos and more!

Saturated Fats? Good or Bad?