Coming Soon

Coming Soon!

Mitzi is busy writing  her second novel right now!

Her second novel is Coming in 2022

in her Cloudland Hotel series.

Hey friends!

I’m finally getting the opportunity to write my stories that i have been compling inside me for many years. Next, is “Blue Ridge Bluea Cloudland novel book 2 release in the Cloudland Hotel Series. Care to guess who it’s about? I’ll give you a hint…

Blue Ridge Blue

By Mitzi Moody

They are the cute Dearmin children all grown up in their own stories!

Yep! It’s Sarah, Johnny and his twin sister Anna Grace Dearmin all grown up!

Sarah is all strong willed and self assured. Johnny is irresponsible and into everything and his twin sister Anna Grace is timid and fearful!

Writing Sarah persuing her career as a nurses, Johnny is finding him self on the wrong side of the law and Anna Grace lands a job as a writer for the newly opened Elk Park newapaper! s Not to mention we will be all wraped up in the Cloudland Hotel and the history of the area. Walking the familiar halls and rooms and roads of home.

If you will, please pray for me as I write, I’d be grateful. God is so faithful to provide for us in ways we never see or even know about.

Much love from the Blueridge Mountains !


Coming this Fall 2021!

“Telling The Story”

by Mitzi Moody

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