About Mitzi

Mitzi Moody is a Christian Historical Romance writer. Her first novel is Mountain Majesty , Can she really call Tennessee and the Cloudland Hotel Home?”

This is her first book in her Cloudland Hotel Series.

Mitzi’s awards include the 2001 Standard Publishing Christian Award and the 2001 Avery County Womean of the Year.

Mitzi is also a blogger, award winning radio disc jokey, newspaper journalist and editor, and a Certified Medical Assistant in a local family practice. She has hosted a television home and family segment for local television stations in Bristol and Johnson City Tennessee.

Mitzi was inspired to become a writer by a local newspaper editor who saw her on television and wanted to write a feature article about her televion show. During the newspaper interview, he offered her a job in the newspaper office as his feature writer. Her first assignment was to interview the new radio station onwner who had just purschased the local station. During the interview, the radio station owner asked her if “If anyone had ever told her she sounded like Dollie Parton!” He smiled and said, “I have a live readio show I would like to hire you to host on Saturdays mornings 10 an until one pm. ” The rest is history!

Mitzi writes her novels at home on the boarder of Teneesee and North Carolina. She loves writing and meeting people all around the world. Her passion is encouring women to grow closer to God and their families.

She hopes readers who reads her novel will be swept away into another time and place, that they will fall in love with the characters and gain insights into the history of the Blue Ridge Mountains and people of days past. But most of all, that they will be closer to God.

Mitzi and her husband have two grown children and three Grand Children. She is a minister’s wife. Together they have a church and do mission work in India and the Philipines.

A personal note . . .

I write Southern historical fiction/romance set in post Civil War Blue Ridge Mountains of Tenessee and North Carolina. Historical fiction/romance set in the wilds and grandeur of the Blue Ridge Mountains where we lived all of our lives. Phil and I met in High School in 1972. In 2021 we celebrated our 43rd Wedding Anniversary!

My Loves

My husband Phil and our kids Frankie and Luke.

Our Mission work in India and the Phillipines

Mitzi loves to speak for Women’s Retreats

Western North Caroliona Christian Womens Conference

I am also a
Certified Health and Nutrition Life Coach, specialized in the Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting. I have another blog and join me on facebook.