Can You Past The Test?

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.” James 1:2-3 (NIV)

When I was trying to earn my Medical Assistant License , sometimes I would have Phil ask me practice test questions.

He proceeded to ask me questions. One question after another was met with my slow thoughtful answer, most of them wrong. With my inadequate preparation revealed, I had to retreat back to study with my notes in my hand. After much more studying and answering, I did manage to graduate and pass the Certified Medical Assistant License test.of study, he did indeed sail through the questions.

The study questions he gave me made me uncomfortable. When Phil was asking me study questions, our intent was to reveal the weak areas I needed to so I would be ready for the real test! 

Just as I tested my husband, God tests me. He often puts me in uncomfortable positions to uncover weak areas. God doesn’t point out my weakness to take advantage of me. Instead, His testing is to reveal areas that need work, so I will be strong enough to persevere and eventually succeed in what He’s called me to do.

God uses all kinds of life situations to test us. Testing can take the form of difficult people in our lives, times of waiting, or a challenge to step outside our comfort zone to be obedient. Will we avoid the situation? Will we suffer through it and quit because it’s too hard? Or will we persevere and overcome?

We might think God gets frustrated with us when we “fail” a test. I sometimes wonder if God wants to give up on me when I repeat the same mistakes. But just because  I didn’t know the answers on our mini-quiz didn’t mean My husband would give up on me. Just the opposite! He wanted me to succeed and was willing to give me question after question to make sure I was ready.

God’s testing us can be to prepare us for something important,. He wants to see if we can sustain the pressure in preparation for something big. So, the next time your Heavenly Father gives you a test, consider His desire to see you succeed. If a weakness is revealed, thank Him for helping you move to the next level by strengthening you.

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